Release Date: 15 May 2007

1       Deadheat  |  01:48
2       Fall of Man  |  04:49
3       Enlightense  |  08:35
4       When I See A Fire  |  06:02
5       Wonderkind  |  05:18
6       The Last Grand Fallible Plan  |  06:53
7       Downwards Is Hellwards  |  04:50
8       The Sink  |  06:58
9       Fire Reprise  |  03:36

A Far Cry From Here is this sextet’s third album in four years, following on from 2004’s Time of Rebirth (a unique blend of folk-rock, jazz and electronica) and Blank Walls (darker, edgier, more exploratory atmospheres) from 2005. For their latest work, The Observatory furthers the experimentation with sound, arrangement and song-form in Blank Walls, but this time making an ambitious quantum leap through textural re-imagining and metamorphosis.

Assimilating rich and myriad influences - Soft Machine, This Heat, Tortoise, Talk Talk, Shining, Jaga Jazzist, Supersilent, Brian Wilson, Robert Wyatt, Nick Drake et al - the band heads towards an adventurous new direction buoyed by a distinctly different musical vision and vocalist/guitarist Leslie Low’s pensive, tender yet elliptical song-craft.

'A Far Cry From Here' is a multifaceted entity where adventurous, far-reaching musical notions exist in tandem with qualities of restraint and intricacy. This sense of paradox further emerges in the album’s thematic and lyrical insights where hope, despair and resignation conceive a yearning for free-determination in the midst of personal and contextual limitations.

Exploring and addressing multiple levels and perspectives, emotional and musical, 'A far cry from here' should strike a chord with fans of experimental and progressive-minded classics such as Radiohead’s OK Computer, Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden and Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born.

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