BlackKaji ArtScience Late

19 September 2019
at ArtScience Musem, Expression Gallery Level 4 (10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956)

ArtScience Late presents a provocative, mesmeric iteration of BlackKaji featuring a live performance and installation by The Great △ (Tokyo), an experimental music set by The Observatory (Singapore) and a live cinema performance by Greg Pope (Oslo).

BlackKaji is a study of the unseen, unsound, unsuspecting, unstable; a series conceived by Ujikaji and The Observatory.

General advisory: Strobe lights and loud sounds are expected in this performance. If you have a history of photosensitive epilepsy, sensitivity to bright lights or suffer from migraines, headaches, or ear and eye conditions, you are strongly advised not to enter. In no case will the artists or organisers of this event be liable for chance, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages or undesired effects resulting from the attendance of the performance.


The Great △ (Tokyo)
The Observatory (Singapore)
Greg Pope (Oslo)

© The Observatory