Release Date: 1 September 2005

1       Acid Pills  |  03:31
2       Olives  |  04:15
3       My Whole Life  |  07:55
4       Oddball  |  03:42
5       Sea Of Doubts  |  03:44
6       Failed Recollections Of A Fool  |  04:14
7       Finch  |  03:46
8       I Didn’t See Her  |  03:30
9       A Good Thing  |  05:58
10     Strength From The Sun  |  05:14

Since The Observatory's debut 'Time of Rebirth', released in March 2004, a quiet, ruminating album of poignant songs underlined by delicate textures and subtle electronic elements, the band has continued to pursue its philosophy of perpetual change, reinforcing their belief that music should always be a transforming experience.

Co-produced & mixed at Duper by Norwegian Jorgen Traeen of Jaga Jazzist fame, The Observatory released their much anticipated second album, 'Blank Walls' in September 2005. Deliberately loose and eschewing particular themes and genres, Blank Walls is a diverse, inventive palette of words, sonic layering and musical contrasts. Yet another bold work reflecting the sextet's ability to combine emotional impact with intricate structures and progressive sounds.

Blank Walls continues the group's experimentation with song form, creating depths of unrelenting tension. Hovering just below the surface is an unmistakable menace signalling a mood-shift towards a more palpable intensity, also evident in the subject matter that explore various themes of displacement, from anger to disenchantment, from the quaint and humorous to self-mockery and plain indignation.

This limited edition comes in a surprise special packaging for the first press.

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