by The Observatory x Moe
Release Date: 1 July 2018

1       No Ground Surrounds You  |  05:46
2       These Are Heady Times  |  04:06
3       The Dreamtime  |  09:15

This is not a split album. Shadows is the curious offspring of MoE and The Observatory, a radiant chase after light and darkness, casting amorphous, illusory paths of Indian carnatic loops and heavy narcotic gamelan dreams. Containing just three songs, the album explores a hauntology of sounds, a melange of evocative synths, disembodying voices, percussion, and a ton of guitars from the most rancorous to the more profound. Wandering along the length of spaces and in between, Shadows emerges from the womb of a collective subconscious containing all that is waiting to be manifested. Serendipitously we play, freed from the mortal coil.

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