The Observatory × Yuta Nakayama

Photo Credit: The Observatory

Sequential Karma (2021)

Sequential Karma is a continuation of The Observatory’s exploration with ceramics, other materials, programming, motors and mechanics, expanding the notion of physicality and sound.

The collaboration with Yuta Nakayama,  sees the development of their existing work Empty Vessels, first shown at the Singapore Ceramics Now exhibition in January 2021. The ceramic vessels seen in the installation were made by the members of The Observatory under the guidance of Jason Lim.

As cyclical sequences play, a series of interconnected affects is activated through a mix of acoustic and amplified gestures. A composition eventually emerges over time, punctuated by movements and shifts, turning intense at moments.

Yuta Nakayama is a Design Engineer at the Design Incubation Centre’s Research & Development working in the area of user interface, interaction design and media arts. He specializes in the development of working prototypes including mechanical design, electrical circuit design and embedded software development.

The Observatory – a name that may suggest passive objectivity, but which really describes a band whose music is an impassioned response to the society it is enmeshed in. The latest constellation of The Observatory comprises Yuen Chee Wai, Dharma and Cheryl Ong, marking The Observatory's latest sojourn into wordless territories and atonalism.

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