Yuko Mohri

Photo Credit:Kuniya Oyamada
Photo Credit: mother’s tankstation

Orochi (Serpent) FM 98.7mHz (2021)

The Orochi (Serpent) is a series work. A coiled cable receives the radio signals distributed in the area where the work is exhibited. The received signal is then incessantly converted into a magnetic force, and in consequence, wavers a suspended magnet by the invisible energy.

In Japan, the act of tying ropes and cords into knots symbolises boundaries, as well as serving to ward off evil: the shimenawa, for instance, is a rope used to cordon off consecrated areas or as a talisman against evil.
Yuko Mohri is an installation artist born in Kanagawa who lives and works in Tokyo. Her kinetic sculptures, using reconfigured everyday objects and machine parts, highlight various facets coming from the encounter between objects and invisible energies such as magnetism, gravity, wind, or light.

She authorises uncontrollable and nonhuman elements to conduct within their networks, which are often compared to a self-contained ‘ecosystem’, incessantly channeling the surrounding environment.

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