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BlackKaji #7

19 Jan 2020

We are paddling towards a faint glow
We have been adrift for too
Dreaming of
Sand from anywhere
Softness to step on
Softness to slip into
A land imagined

Nearing the source, a stunning

No lighthouse, only flames
The island is on fire
Burning trees before us
Black sea behind
And our weather-beaten raft, caught

BlackKaji. A study of the unseen, unsound, unsuspecting, unsustainable, unstable. This is a series conceived by Ujikaji and The Observatory.

Christoven Tan, Kok Siew Wai and Dirk Stromberg
Jyun-Ao Caesar and Yong Yandsen
Cheryl Ong (Playing an extended version of her track, Hejira, from the film A Land Imagined, in conjunction with the launch of the A Land Imagined DVD and OST)

Words by Mark Wong
Art direction by Yuen Chee Wai

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