SIFA 2024


A performance project that descends into the world of caves, one which combines sound, live music performance, moving image and light.

Embarking on a metaphysical sojourn into the subterranean, one examines the relationship between self and the natural environment, the interconnectedness of the human body and geological formations of the land in the face of profound constant change.


SIFA 2021

Demon States

Borne out of a time of physical and psychological lockdowns, Demon States bears witness to the fear and anxiety manifesting in the human psyche in different avatars — an unseen spectre, the burgeoning of inner demons, the bogeyman within, an unforgiving hollow absence.

As an oppressive tyranny haunts our present reality, the struggle to express ourselves and seek understanding grows stronger, as we reach for the faint glow at the end of the tunnel. Trapped within our minds by our inner demons, can we release what is within, or do we let the demons consume us?


Singapore Art Museum 2022


REFUSE is an inter-media exhibition about music, mushrooms and de-composition conceptualised by The Observatory. The exhibition combines mycology design (Bewilder), scenography installation (Sai aka Chen Sai Hua Kuan), archive arrangement (Ujikaji), moving image (Yeo Siew Hua) and guest curation (Tang Fu Kuen). REFUSE draws on the band’s past and present influences, bringing together their interests in fungi and mycelial networks to explore the twin ideas of decomposition and composition from biological and musical perspectives. The presentation comprises a time-based installation space and archive, and speaks to The Observatory’s constantly evolving methodologies, the communities that surround them, as well as their important place in the Singapore music scene.


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