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BlackKaji (State of Motion 2019 - A Fear of Monsters)

16 Feb 2019

Day upon day
Upon day upon
Gradated grey
Irregular grids are

BlackKaji returns with an inauspicious detour into the deeper recesses of sound. A subterranean maze of forking paths bunkered away from the homogenous harmonies broadcasted above. In the history of modern music, there has always been diversions, collisions and mutations that have subverted the given order and mandate of popular music in pursuit of new musical expressions. This edition of BlackKaji features a diverse lineup of musicians and bands working in this tradition of discord, harnessing the dissonant and visceral potentialities of sound, conjuring uncanny and harrowing mythologies and visions - towards a collective inversion of musical pleasure.

This edition of BlackKaji is commissioned by State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters

Ken Ueno & Cheryl Ong
George Chua
Aiyu Jelly

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