Demon States

Borne out of a time of physical and psychological lockdowns, Demon States bears witness to the fear and anxiety manifesting in the human psyche in different avatars — an unseen spectre, the burgeoning of inner demons, the bogeyman within, an unforgiving hollow absence.

As an oppressive tyranny haunts our present reality, the struggle to express ourselves and seek understanding grows stronger, as we reach for the faint glow at the end of the tunnel. Trapped within our minds by our inner demons, can we release what is within, or do we let the demons consume us?

Demon States is a mixed reality project conceived by The Observatory, presented by Singapore International Festival of Arts.

With total of 4 installations located at The Arts House and Esplanade, each work includes a designed physical environment and a VR experience.

It features 4 tracks from the forthcoming album by The Observatory & Koichi Shimizu, supported by Goethe-Institut Singapore.

Music and Sound: The Observatory & Koichi Shimizu
Virtual Landscapes: Brandon Tan
Physical Environments Design: Irfan Kasban
Production Manager: Mish'aal Syed Nasar
Dramaturgy: Shawn Chua
Ambisonics: Lynette Quek and Bings Lee
Crew for physical environment: Marilyn Ang

© The Observatory