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Residency - Nusasonic Music x Board Berlin Residency

2021 - 2022

Congratulations to Madam Data and Collo Awata for being awarded a joint online residency! Collaborating in cyberspace between Singapore and Berlin, the two artists will work together over autumn 2021 and present a new work at host organizations Playfreely and CTM Festival in early 2022.

Madam Data is a musician, composer, and sound scientist who explores machine and spirit interfaces.

Their fantasies are about truly knowing what sacredness is, echolocating spaces infused with spirits, and begetting ghosts in the technology they create. In finding these things, they seek a liberatory practice that uses sound to return bodies to resonance. Madam Data works with synthesizers, handmade computer programs and circuits, field recordings and clarinets; they consider these objects to be interfaces with the Divine presence; they work with the sonics of stillness, space and brutal intensity.

Collo Awata, is a music producer, sound designer, DJ, and video artist of Kenyan heritage based in Berlin. They reflect their diversity of influences through eclectic electronic productions and curation of mixes tailored for the multi-dimensional spheres of club culture, fashion, and art.

Collo's work draws strongly from African diasporic experiences met with Western practices. Recent musical work consists of singles for notable compilations for labels Decisions and Radiant Love, along with their second EP released last year with TAR Records. As a partner in AM Studio, Collo produces original soundscape for fashion and art projects. Broadening their musical endeavours through curation, they co-founded NIA records, an experimental label with the aspiration of releasing innovative sound based projects rooted in honesty and openness, and with a priority of releases given to underrepresented people and scenes.

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