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Source × Audible Lands

24 - 25 May 2020

Source × Audible Lands is by The Observatory & Eric Lee, featuring musicians from the migrant worker community & presented by Singapore International Festival of Arts.

Experimental band The Observatory, filmmaker Eric Lee, and music groups from the migrant-worker community were in the initial stages of collaboration on Source × Audible Lands, a documentary screening and live-music performances, when circuit-breaker measures kicked in.

From 25 May, these budding encounters will be presented through 5 teaser videos, released fortnightly. This digital series spotlights the processes and performances of Isan Band by Friends of Thai Workers Association; Myanmar’s U Than Naing and his guitar ensemble; and from Bangladesh: Banglar Kantha-Dibashram Cultural Group, violinist-singer Billal Hossain and friends, plus music teacher and keyboardist Malay Ghosh and band.

Containing a range of folk to pop to devotional music, deeply influenced by South and Southeast Asian traditions, these humane documentations provide a glimpse into Singapore’s diverse and discrete musical landscape.

Banglar Kantha-Dibashram Cultural Group
Than Naing
Billal Hossain
Isan Band
Malay Ghosh

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