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BlackKaji. A study of the unseen, unsound, unsuspecting, unsustainable, unstable. This is a series conceived by Ujikaji and The Observatory.

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8 Apr 2022
BlackKaji REFUSE
In the spirit of mycorrhizae, or symbiotic associations between fungi and plants’ root systems, members of The Observatory—Dharma, Cheryl Ong and Yuen Chee Wai—joined by fellow musicians Chong Li-Chuan, madam data, Tini Aliman and Lynette Quek, mingle and merge, perform and unform, fuse and refuse in this BlackKaji live performance, held in conjunction with the REFUSE exhibition.
5 Apr 2022
BlackKaji Radio: REFUSE Edition
Special edition of Blackkaji Radio in conjunction with REFUSE, an inter-media exhibition about music, mushrooms and de-composition presented by The Observatory. The band discusses their two-decade-long history—from their “family tree” of band members and their ever-evolving sound to stories of their numerous tours and the events they organised—with Ujikaji and SAM’s curators. The podcast extends conversations surrounding the presentation of the band’s archives at REFUSE.
21 - 23 Oct 2020
BlackKaji at the Substation
BlackKaji is back. This time, presented as a special online edition, in collaboration with Ujikaji and The Substation, featuring three acts with new music releases, who also share a long relationship and history with The Substation.
21 Aug 2021
Nusasonic Radio #7: BlackKaji Edition
Nusasonic Radio BlackKaji Edition dives into the often overlooked world of music and sound in films. This episode explores unreleased music made by musicians from Singapore for films and moving image, a revisit through an interview by Salty Xi Jie Ng with Tan Pin Pin on her 2005 documentary of Singapore music called Singapore Gaga, and reimagined film scripts voiced and paired into music by various artists.

Featured artists in this episode include Tan Biyun (with Marcus Yee), Joe Ng, Vivian Wang, Tan Pin Pin, Salty Ng, K Rajagopal, Rizman Putra, Grace Kalaiselvi, Madam Data, Kirsten Tan, Audrey Luo, Cherry Chan, Daniel Hui, deførmed and Suhaili Safari.
19 Jan 2020
BlackKaji #10
We are paddling towards a faint glow
We have been adrift for too
Dreaming of
Sand from anywhere
Softness to step on
Softness to slip into
A land imagined
2 February 2021
BlackKaji Radio: Episode 4
Final episode of the 4 part Blackkaji Radio from 2020-21 featuring:

sl_owtalk, Marla Bendini, Hell Low Trio, Chris Corsano (New England), Cui Yin Mok with soft/WALL/studs, Dawang Huang (Taipei), Mark Wong, Jordan Johari Rais, Alfian Sa’at, Umi Kalthum, Irfan Kasban and Nadah El Shazly (Cairo)
19 Sep 2019
BlackKaji ArtScience Late
ArtScience Late presents a provocative, mesmeric iteration of BlackKaji featuring a live performance and installation by The Great △ (Tokyo), an experimental music set by The Observatory (Singapore) and a live cinema performance by Greg Pope (Oslo).
12 January 2021
BlackKaji Radio: Episode 3
Blackkaji Radio Episode 3 featuring:

Zou Zhao, Isyraf, crys cole (Winnipeg/Melbourne), bani haykal, The Observatory with Derek Debru of Nyege Nyege Tapes (Kampala), Rumahrimaudapor, Sin:Ned (Hong Kong), Wu Jun Han, Cyril Wong, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai and 12 dog cycle (Alice Chang & Nigel Brown) (Taipei)
20 - 21 July 2019
BlackKajiXtra × Nusasonic
In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, BlackKajiXtra – Nusasonic features two packed nights of music and discourse. This edition is part of Nusasonic, a cultural programme that adopts a multi-perspective approach, exploring how contemporary sound practices enable connections and dialogues within the Southeast Asian region, and with Europe.
30 December 2020
BlackKaji Radio: Episode 2
Episode 2 of Blackkaji Radio which features:

Tentang Langit, dj sniff (Hong Kong) Sudarshan Chandra Kumar (Kuala Lumpur) & Dirk Stromberg, Dodgy South, Nick Bong & Leon Wan with Darren Tan, Low Zu Boon, Amanda Ling, Inaya Matahari, Sumon Mobarak (Dhaka), Zakir Hossain (Dhaka) and The Observatory
14 Apr 2019
BlackKaji #7
Jungle visions:
The tropical heat takes over
A single
at the onset of
a storm
16 December 2020
BlackKaji Radio: Episode 1
BlackKaji Radio was devised during the national lockdown as an alternative to BlackKaji - our regular series of live gigs and presentations.

Produced by The Observatory and Ujikaji, this radio programme features new and unreleased work from local and international musicians, conversations as well as interpretive readings of text paired with music and sounds.

Consisting of four episodes released fortnightly, each episode comprises of four segments titled The Black Box: Unreleased Works, Unpacking the Pecking: Interviews and Conversations, House Works: Music from Things at Home and Making Audible.

Urgent Matter , George Chua, Guro Skumsnes Moe (Oslo), Circuitrip, Kasimyn with Dewa Alit (Bali), Lai Yu Tong, Yan Jun (Beijing), Ramberto Agozalie (Yogyakarta), Im Yu Yong (Seoul), Park Minhee (Seoul), Safuan Johari and Raghavendran Rajasekaran.
16 Feb 2019
BlackKaji #6 (State of Motion 2019)
Commissioned by State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters, this edition of BlackKaji features a diverse lineup of musicians and bands working in this tradition of discord, harnessing the dissonant and visceral potentialities of sound, conjuring uncanny and harrowing mythologies and visions - towards a collective inversion of musical pleasure.
22 November 2018
BlackKajiXtra Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO
The heaving of a sun
Pressure oscillations ring
Like a bell through black
My heart skips
A beat
Trails to the cosmic vibrations
21 Aug 2018
BlackKaji #4

Black arrives
A thousand sensations
Shifting sands and time
Out of joint
30 Jul 2018
BlackKaji #3
Staring into the
Abyss of your drink
On the old
Formica table
Decorative surface of
Marble pattern layers of
Bonded in heat and
A landscape of desire
3 Jun 2018
BlackKaji #2
Scaling depths of boundless black
Lateral shifts
Pattern de-recognition
Scaffolding, not concrete
22 Apr 2018
BlackKaji #1
To peer into boundless black
Hearing the unsound
Distributed flow
Knowledge of the hidden
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