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Source is a new series of film screenings and performances that maps the contours of our acoustic world by tracing its movements along the periphery of art and culture. Moving away from what has already been amplified and overexposed in mainstream media, Source turns its focus on less visible events that push the envelope of expression, assemble people and widen the scope of culture.

4 November 2023
Source × Asian Film Archives
This Source, with support from Asian Film Archive, The Observatory presents works by Usaginingen, Lam Li Shuen & Mark Chua and TZECHAR feat Mervin Wong.

24 - 25 May 2020
Source × Audible Lands
Source × Audible Lands is by The Observatory & Eric Lee, featuring musicians from the migrant worker community & presented by Singapore International Festival of Arts.

21 Dec 2019
Source × Kritikal Karaoke
In this special year end edition of Source, we present Kritikal Karaoke – a new way of karaoke conceptualised by our friends Farhan (Bras Basah Open: School of Theory & Philosophy), Ila & Bani Haykal
21 Sep 2019
Source × Analogue Encryption
Source × Analogue Encryption presents Greg Pope’s extensive expanded cinema and film works and a new project by ila & bani haykal, which examines encryption as a form of intimacy.
16 Mar 2019
Source × Noise
The first edition of Source looks into the practice of noise in Southeast Asia, as a subaltern form of musical expression, a community and an underground network.
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